Iron Bridge Capital Partners is pleased to announce that it has signed leases with a number of new tenants who are ready to grow their businesses in the unique, collaborative working environment of the new Charleston Tech Center. The recently signed tenants will join early adopters who leased their space previously in 2020: Workiva, Insight Global, Iron Bridge Capital, and Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC). 

Three tech-driven companies that have recently signed leases for new spaces on the third floor include Atlatl, PlanSource, and Palmetto Digital Marketing Group. Conrex, a local tech-driven real estate company, has committed to a significant portion of the fourth floor, while Cloud on Tap, Zeriscope, Annata, QuicksortRX and Surety Bonds Direct have committed to new space on the second floor of the Charleston Digital Corridor’s Flagship tech-focused incubator.

Atlatl, is a leading product visualization platform focused in the ecommerce technology market. The company leverages immersive technologies with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to drive better digital experiences and revenue for clients. “In contemplating the future of work, Atlatl wanted a company hub in Charleston that would be progressive for current employees, attractive for our distributed workers to visit, and interesting for prospective talent,” said Justin Scott, CEO of Atlatl. “We have worked really hard to listen to what our employees want and be modern in our approach to how people work best. The building’s design aesthetic, amenities and location delivered the best environment for our rotational workforce strategy, where in-office time is dedicated to ideation and collaboration. We share the same vision with the Charleston Tech Center of creating talent density in one area so that employees benefit not only from an amazing office but from the vibrant tech community in the building.”

PlanSource, another new third-floor tenant, is headquartered in Orlando. With more than 600 employees, it is a technology company driven to create a better benefits experience for employees and their employers. They continued to grow after opening a Charleston office in 2015 and began looking for new space in the city in 2019. “We found out about the Charleston Tech Center and loved the idea of being surrounded by other growing tech companies,” said Nancy Sansom, Chief Commercial Officer at PlanSource. “The location and unique set of amenities will be a great solution for our team and allow us to be innovative and mission-focused as we continue to expand our team in Charleston.”

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group, the third new tenant on the third floor, offers global manufacturers, retailers, Amazon sellers and vendors turnkey Amazon management and marketing solutions.

Conrex, a tech-based, real estate company, has leased most of the fourth floor. Conrex uses proprietary software to automate the purchase of rental homes in primarily Southeastern markets. With over 10,000 houses owned, the company was just purchased by Brookfield, a multi-billion-dollar real estate platform based in Canada. The purchase will enable Brookfield to make a major foray into the single-family rental home market.

The new Charleston Tech Center is a partnership between the City of Charleston, Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC) and Iron Bridge Capital Partners, developed to foster the innovation and high-wage job creation that is the hallmark of Charleston’s robust tech industry.  A sample of new second-floor tenants include:

  • Cloud on Tap, a Salesforce implementation partner dedicated to empowering customers with the ability to reach their full potential by delivering scalable multi-cloud Salesforce solutions designed with customer success and growth in mind.
  • Zeriscope, a multi-disciplinary telemedicine platform company that uses the latest, most advanced technologies to enable focused and efficient remote medical encounters. 
  • Anatta, a premier eCommerce company focused on delivering full-spectrum websites to some of the world’s most recognized digitally native brands.
  • QuicksortRX, a pharmacy supply chain optimization company that was created at a major academic medical center to increase profitability by decreasing pharmacy costs and staff time.
  • Surety Bonds Direct, a national bonding agency licensed in all 50 states, dedicated to saving customers money by going direct for all their surety bond needs. 

Jonathan Yantis, Co-founder of QuicksortRX, one of the 34 companies that will soon take up residence at the Flagship Office, shares the opinion that co-locating with other tech companies offers a great collaborative advantage. “Remote work is possible,” Yantis said, “but we thrive on the serendipitous conversations that are only possible in a physical space such as the Charleston Tech Center. We can’t wait to participate!”